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XS Toys

Anvol OÜ includes a chain of XS Toys stores whos stores are located in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Georgia, and Kaliningrad. In addition to physical stores, there are online stores for the Baltic region.

XS Mänguasjad


In 2013, the toys.ee online store was launched on Magento 1 platform, and in March of 2017, XS Toys and toys.ee merged.

After opening the revamped online store in Estonia, Latvian and Lithuanian online stores were opened where toys.ee brand merged with XS Toys.

Product range

Online stores wide product range ensures that all age groups will find something for themselves. The selection includes the most popular brands such as Lego, Disney, Hasbro, Trefl, Mattel and more. The wide product range includes items for the smallest family members as well as for adults. Don’t miss out on various promotions, free delivery, and loyalty discounts.

More about the eCommerce

XS Toys got a revamped user interface design when they merged with toys.ee online store in 2017. Custom design toke into consideration that shopping and finding products should be as convenient as possible across all devices. Also, the Lego category page received a special design following Lego’s design guidelines.

Estonian and Latvian bank links and transportation extensions created by Lumav are used in online stores as well as a customized checkout solution. To increase security, online stores use Lumav’s GDPR extension.

Various product badges were made for campaigns, and a blog extension was implemented to share exciting offers and contests. Price comparison was developed to show a loyal customer discount. Thanks to data exchange, each product shows it’s availability in stores.

Lumav’s client since 2013 – thank you!


Earlier data exchange with HansaWorld
Data exchange with Directo system
Data exchange with the BUUM system

Baltic online stores


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