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Automating customer base and marketing

Custobar is designed to streamline omnichannel customer data and automate marketing, helping merchants create a 360-degree view of their customer base across retail and online stores. Custobar’s automated marketing system is designed to support every marketing need at every stage of the user lifecycle.

Advantages of Custobar

  • Custobar is suitable for both B2B and B2C customers.
  • A scalable solution: the largest Custobar users have millions of customer contacts and send hundreds of millions of notifications per year, from marketing, order confirmation to push notifications.
  • Custobar’s product development is based on customer needs, e.g. the RFM matrix and the NPS feedback questionnaire are developed in cooperation with customers.
  • Custobar has a wealth of experience in the trade and B2C industry.
  • Custobar has over 100 customers in 11 countries.
  • Custobar can be interfaced with popular e-commerce software such as Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. In addition, data exchange can be set up with Zendesk, Zapier, Sniffie, Sendgrid, Mailchimp, RichRelevance, Nosto, LeadFamily, Infobip and Google.
Custobar 360 customer view

Comprehensive customer profile

Custobar combines customer, purchase and other transaction data into a single customer profile. Comprehensive customer data enables insight into customer behaviour and makes the customer experience even more up-to-date. Custobar creates a 360-degree view of each customer, which can be used in customer service, e-store and physical stores. The view can be configured for different roles according to needs. From the customer profile, you can find customer data + enriched data, purchases from all channels (e-channel, retail), online visits (e.g. which products the user has added to the shopping cart or basket), mobile app usage statistics and all other transactions, including customer service queries.

Custobar customer audience view

Automated marketing – targeted and automated messages

One of Custobar’s core functionalities is the ability to manage the entire customer relationship with a single tool, whether it’s email, SMS, mobile notifications, direct mail and customer service, or audiences in the Facebook and Google Ads advertising environment. To create target groups, there is a ‘drag-n-drop’ segmentation tool – this allows you to create dynamic target groups that change as data changes. The target groups allow targeted and personalised messages to be sent to customers based on their subscription, online and mobile history. For each campaign, you can view a visual report showing the conversion rate for online and retail sales: how many units and which products were sold. Order notifications can also be sent, triggered according to changes in the data, and include an order confirmation or delivery notification SMS.

Custobar RFM matrix view

RFM matrix

The RFM matrix combines recency, frequency and monetary value based on customer data, creating targeted marketing messages with just two clicks. The RFM matrix helps you find your best customers and revenue sources, plus customize and automate marketing messages to new, passive, VIP and at-risk customers.

Custobar product recommendation view

Product enrichment

Custobar keeps track of which products are bought and which products are bought together. This makes it possible to display matching products for each product in automated marketing messages and in the e-shop, as well as personally recommended products.

Custobar mobile loyalty card view

Digital customer card

With Custobar it is possible to create a mobile loyalty card. The customer will receive an automated SMS with a link to the web-based application – a barcode will be displayed that can be used in stores to get discounts. In addition, targeted promotions can be created on the mobile loyalty card.

Custobar is a Finnish company founded in 2017. Today, they have offices in Amsterdam and Berlin, and are growing at an annual rate of 100-200%. Custobar has more than 100 customers in 11 countries, including Europe and America.

Custobar’s clients include companies such as Decora, Bauhof, The Body Shop, M Room, Henkel, Kekäle and others.


Contact us if you would like to interface your Magento e-shop with Custobar software.

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