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Google Consent Mode v2 and Cookie Consent Module for Magento 2

When GDPR was implemented in 2018, we created a technical solution for it for Magento e-stores. In addition to the two-year transition period, some merchants may have counted on an additional time buffer for the law’s implementation, but now is the time to make sure your site is compliant. The first GDPR fines have already been levied – for example, Finland’s Verkkokauppa OY was fined €856,000 for non-compliance with data protection requirements.

In March 2024, the existing rules (DMA – Digital Markets Act) were amended, and below we give a very brief overview of our understanding of them, and also provide a Magento module that we believe will help make your e-store compliant.

Consent Mode v2

Google Consent Mode is a mechanism that allows businesses to send consent signals to Google from their cookie bar, ensuring that users’ choices are respected. This system lets you know whether website visitors have consented to share their personal data with Google for advertising, measurement or personalisation purposes.

Consent Mode v2 requires two new consent signals: sharing of user data related to advertising and personalised advertising. These signals are important for audience building and remarketing. If consent is not granted for these two new parameters, it will no longer be possible to create specific audiences or serve personalised ads on Google Ads in the EEA (European Union plus Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland) region.

Lumav’s Cookie Consent Module

The update to Consent Mode v2 and the EU’s User Consent Policy is an important step forward in helping websites better comply with user privacy requirements. We recommend talking to your own developer about this and putting in place a technical solution to monitor it.

Lumav Commerce has responded to this challenge by creating a Cookie Consent Module that is compliant with Consent Mode v2. The module ensures that websites can effectively manage user consent for the use of cookies and other tracking technologies while providing a user-friendly interface.

It is important to understand that such an approach not only supports data protection principles, but also helps to increase the credibility of websites. It is a guarantee to the e-store’s user that customer data will be used for the purposes for which it is intended, and that asking for consent is not a banner without real functionality.

The module is easy to configure, all fields are configurable in the Magento administration per store view in the desired language. The Cookie Consent Module is available in our online store M2Start.

cookie module setup EN

Cookie settings EN

Cookie Consent Module EN

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