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E-store security: Usernames and Passwords

Usernames and passwords are often where people would rather take the easy way out and use something simple.


With the different platforms, the initial installation comes with a fixed and very simple username and password – we recommend that you immediately create a new user with the same rights, a new password and be sure to delete the previous one.

It is not difficult to guess that the username could be ‘admin’ or the same as the domain name. For example, if the reference is www.lumav.com, then surely one of the usernames should not be ‘admin’ or ‘lumav’.

Username can be for example your pet’s first name. 🙂 It’s easy to remember and has nothing to do with the e-store (unless the domain is the same as the pet’s name).


Passwords should be generated, and contain different characters so that they are not easily guessed. One common mistake that is made with passwords is to put a few numbers before/after the username/business name. Anything with 123 at the end is easily guessed by everyone.

For example – lumav.com user password should not be 123Lumav or Lumav123

The password should be renewed after a certain period. Once a month is advisable.


Storing your password and username is a handy thing to do, but it is certainly not secure.

You should not store:

  • Server access
  • Content Management panel access
  • Over the web access to business email(s)

All this information could be easily accessible in case your account is taken over, or worse, your computer is stolen.

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