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Erply invested in Lumav

We are pleased to announce Lumav’s partnership with Erply, a Estonian-made business software! As part of the partnership agreement, Erply Software OÜ acquired 25% of Lumav Commerce OÜ from the current shareholders Silver Kallas and Margus Ots for an investment.

The aim of the partnership is to provide better service to our customers and thereby increase the value of both Erply and Lumav. There will be no changes in Lumav’s management structure and processes.

Kristjan Hiiemaa, CEO of Erply Software OÜ: “Lumavi has some of the greatest knowledge and experience in e-commerce in Estonia and we are helping them to expand. Silver and Margus have the courage to try out new solutions and take risks. There are several points of contact with Erply and more than one cooperation project. More details when we are ready to launch our new solutions.”

Margus Ots, Business Development Manager, Lumav Commerce OÜ: “Erply has created a good product family and has successfully introduced the Estonian IT success story abroad, including in very competitive markets such as USA, England and Australia. We had been considering working together for a long time, and Kristjan and I have met and talked regularly since 2016.”

Erply Software OÜ is a fast-growing warehouse management software company founded in 2010. It has a global team of more than 150 people and offices in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Finland and Estonia. In total, the company serves over 100’000 locations worldwide and its best known clients include Decathlon, Disney, Garmin, Elizabeth Arden and others.

Erply Software OÜ CEO Kristjan Hiiemaa in the middle. On the left Margus Ots and on the right Silver Kallas from Lumav Commerce OÜ.

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