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Mage One – Lumav’s partner for the implementation of Magento 1 security updates

The end of Magento 1 support and what it means should no longer be a surprise to anyone. For our current customers, we’ve put in place a comprehensive plan, and sent a general hint of what could be done to the Estonian E-commerce Federation. Since so many stores are still on the old software and upgrading to Magento 2 means building a new store, it is highly likely that third parties will emerge on the market to help extend the security of Magento 1 stores. An important part of our plan to increase the security of the unsupported platform is Mage One.

Mage One is a company created by a group of renowned Magento professionals, aiming to provide long-lasting and professional support for Magento 1 stores. They have taken on the role of providing security updates for Magento and reward developers around the world for finding and fixing new security vulnerabilities. The service also includes a QPS (Quick Protection System) module that blocks most known attacks until a security update is applied.

In addition, Mage One representatives are in high-level communication with the providers of the various parties involved, and it is hoped that the use of their service will become a sort of guarantee for continued support with some payment intermediaries. This is why their model is subscription-based – see price list.

The logic for applying a security patch is the same as for Magento – you also need a Developer to download it, apply it in a test environment, test it, fix it and Live it. The Merchant can have the Mage One account managed by a Developer or, if they wish, they can create their own account and take responsibility for deploying updates.

The alternative is to hope that the Magento 1 community will complete these updates quickly enough and post them to the forums, but that doesn’t give you, your customers or third parties any certainty. At Lumav, we believe that Mage One is the best way to keep your ecommerce store as secure as possible on your outdated software at the moment, and it is a requirement for our customers.

Finally, our first recommendation for the security of your store is still to start migrating to Magento 2 as soon as possible. Leave us a contact and we can advise you on the maintenance of your old site as well as the development of a new one.

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