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ANNA-KARIN KARLSSON is one of the world’s leading luxury eyewear brands.

Anna-Karin Karlsson Devices


The Sweden-based company sells goods to more than 50 countries and was looking to automate its sales processes for business customers.

As ANNA-KARIN KARLSSON adopted new business software, the decision was made to build the new B2B solution, which means that the e-ordering environment will be built directly on top of ERP and there is no need for additional interfacing and staff training.

The results of the analysis phase led to the decision that the new platform should ensure ease of use and support real-time data exchange, while at the same time reflecting the minimalist and Nordic aesthetic of the ANNA-KARIN KARLSSON brand.

Main functionalities:
  • Nordic minimalist design with a great mobile experience
  • Convenient ordering for both large and small shopping carts
  • Display detailed product information – gallery, descriptions, parameters
  • Special solution for displaying configurable products
  • Simple and convenient ordering of variations
  • Different currencies – USD, EUR, SEK
  • Client-specific prices
  • Special solution for Agents
    • Ability to create B2B accounts for Agents
    • Agent is linked to a specific region, currency and selected customers
    • Agent can use B2B environment to place orders for selected customers
    • Agent has an overview of orders placed with customers
  • All orders are generated instantly in Erply
  • Overview of all orders, regardless of how they were made

The new solution optimises the time of ANNA-KARIN KARLSSON’s team members, minimises errors caused by re-typing orders and allows the sales team to focus on higher value-creating activities.
It ensures that business customers in different time zones have continuous, round-the-clock access to an up-to-date product range, accurate prices and real-time stock information. This approach will support ANNA-KARIN KARLSSON’s continued expansion in several global markets.

“Setting up a B2B environment with Lumav was a pleasant experience. Onboarding was professional and their team took extra effort in understanding how the new system would benefit our customers.”


Appreciating the quality of Estonian timber and bringing great domestic products to foreign markets is a matter of heart for Garendhouse24.
Anna-Karin Karlsson Devices
ANNA-KARIN KARLSSON is one of the world's leading luxury eyewear brands.
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