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OCCO’s mission is to digitise the world of interior design and make good design furniture accessible to everyone. Its clients are offices, hotels, restaurants, rental properties, medical institutions, educational institutions and the public sector.

OCCO Lumav


A powerful product configurator for architects had previously been created, allowing each piece of furniture to be finished down to the last detail. As OCCO’s products were well received on the market, more and more private and small business customers were added, increasing the workload of salesmen with small orders.

There were hundreds of thousands of products with variations (more than 10’000 were planned to be brought online) and nearly 100 brands. OCCO uses Erply as its business software, but all the product information was in PDF and there was a lot of information.

As OCCO offers premium products and customers are more demanding than average, it was very important to come up with a good solution and that the customer experience on the site exceeded expectations. Including the creation of a mobile view, as most of the companies selling furniture use it.


OCCO’s ambition was to create a solution to serve a larger number of customers and create the basis for business growth.


In order to build a new e-business from scratch, the first step was to carry out a business analysis project in cooperation with a consulting partner, where the most important parts of the e-business (warehouse, logistics, customer service, marketing) were touched upon, competitors were analysed and goals were set.

Based on this, a technical baseline was created, input for the design was provided and the design was started.

In order to provide an omnichannel experience in the e-store, an ambitious interface project was created in collaboration with Erply – in addition to products, categories, stock and orders, customers, addresses and order statuses were also interfaced. A particular focus was placed on the creation and interfacing of farm products.

In order to manage a large number of products, the customer was helped to put in place processes for product release and PIM (Product Information Management) was introduced, which provides a convenient way to manage all product information, including images and configurable products.

To provide the best mobile experience, the front-end views of the e-store were built on the new Google-initiated Progressive Web Apps (PWA) software. This means a single technology solution to leverage the best of both the website and the app. myOCCO’s new site can be downloaded as an app and other PWA pluses, such as push notifications and offline browsing, can be implemented if desired.

myOCCO e-store was completed within the originally agreed deadline. Work is continuing on debugging the store and creating new solutions based on both Magento e-shop and Erply business software.

Lumav’s customer since 2021 – many thanks!

“Occo’s e-store has got the wind in its wings. Lumav knows how to recommend business solutions.”

Ander Sõõrumaa, OCCO Holding OÜ CEO

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OCCO Lumav
OCCO's mission is to digitise the world of interior design and make good design furniture accessible to everyone.


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