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Order Center for Business Customers – a joint project between Erply and Lumav

We’ve been asked a lot about the solutions we’re working on with Erply. We’re pleased to introduce one of them: the Order Center for business customers, where you can increase your business customers’ conversions and save sales people time by implementing a very cost-effective technical solution.

How does it help the entrepreneur?

Orders from business customers are larger and differ significantly from solutions built for private customers. Depending on the specific nature of the business, business is conducted by email, phone and even SMS. Here are some examples of customer requests:

“Please send the same goods as last time.”
“Do you have X products in stock? If not, please send us Y, but half as much.”
“Do you have Z products in stock? What price do you offer?”

For the seller, this means tedious re-typing of data, extra time spent on clarifying and correcting errors. Time that can be used by the salesperson to identify the customer’s needs and/or to make an incremental sale. The customer does not have a good overview of the orders placed and has to make further enquiries to clarify the situation.

Most importantly, the customer will not be able to place the order at the time they want. There are business customers whose business specifics require them to order after hours, and sales people may also be unavailable for various reasons. The Order Center does not rest, is not sick or change jobs.

What does this solution do?

We’ve been building e-commerce environments for business customers for 10+ years, and we know our customers’ stories as well as their technical capabilities. You can read more about our B2B experience in this blog post and in the Klick case study.

The new business customer Order Center solution is built on the MLP (Minimum Lovable Product) principle and includes:

  • The business customer can log in and see the assortment assigned to them in the business software, with personalised or group prices.
  • Inventories are taken into account when displaying and ordering products, stocks can be set in the business software.
  • It is possible to see the orders placed and to keep several orders open at the same time. A simple order form that goes directly into the business software as an order, invoice or other.
  • Intuitive UI that is also mobile-friendly. Hosting included.
  • …other special solutions

We believe it is the solution with the highest ROI (Return of Investment) and the shortest TTM (Time to Market) on the market. Read below to find out how we ensure this and how we technically solve it.

Technical solution

Erply has, in our opinion, a good API that allows the creation of flexible solutions to improve business processes, and it is also cheaper to integrate with Magento as there is a compatible standard module (see here).

The basic technical solution. Erply has invested in the GoErp layer, which allows us to build solutions as a layer directly on top of Erply business software. In layman’s terms – the cost of interfacing is eliminated when displaying information, reducing the number of problems of all kinds.

We put our heads together with Erply and created a business ordering solution that small and medium sized businesses can afford. The process was exciting for both teams as we were able to talk openly about our experiences from different angles – how the new environment would be comfortable to use for both customers and employees.

Of course, there are limitations to the solution, but as we have said, we have designed the first developments to be of most benefit to our customers. If you are interested and would like to get a demo, then please contact us here.


Click here to read a mini case-study where we created a business e-ordering environment for Swedish luxury eyewear brand ANNA KARIN KARLSSON.

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