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Irti Maasta

Irti Maasta is a Finnish company that offers climbing amusement attractions in shopping centres.


Magento 1

Irti Maasta wanted to create an amusement park online store with a reservation system that could withstand a large number of queries. Irti Maasta online store allows you to create various product combinations with different rooms/attractions and saves a lot of time when booking. Currently, they have amusement parks in Turku, Tampere, Pori and Helsinki, but the Magento platform allows them to scale up and expand into new markets.

Custom solutions

There are two different product types available for booking in the online store: attraction and party room. Bookable products can be combined into a bundle product with additional services (e.g. cleaning, catering). The home page features a quick book window that shows the last available times. The online store also has a gift card option, which can be sent by mail. Irti Maasta online shop uses a one-step checkout solution. In addition, Lumav has created a separate view for LCDs to show available times.

Lumav’s client 2017 – thank you!

Online booking system

Irti Maasta online store has a custom solution for purchasing tickets, where you can choose the date of your choice in the product view, buy a ticket and add a drink/snack to the cart.

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