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The aim of Teooria.ee is to provide driving schools and driving licence applicants with high-quality, convenient and engaging e-learning.

Lumav Commerce has developed the Teooria.ee information system for over 10 years. During this time, the website has undergone many updates. The latest major change was the development of a customer-friendly responsive design. In addition, we have developed a convenient mobile application for driving schools to conduct driving lessons.

Teooria Lumav

Main works carried out on the information system:

  • Creation of Student, Driving School and Admin environments
  • Creating a mobile driving app
  • Interface with Directo business software
  • Payment solutions
    • Teooria.ee services – bank links
    • Driving School services – bank links, Payment Centre, Montonio

The student environment

  • Learning traffic theory
    • packages: Tests, Knowledge, Driving Licence
    • categories: AM, A, B (+finals), BE, C, CE, D, DE, T + vocational training
    • webinars
  • Communication with the driving school
  • Management of driving lessons
    • booking
    • reminders
    • driving hours history
    • overview of driving trajectories
  • Various smart tests
    • Practice tests
    • Corrections
    • Theme tests
    • Level tests
    • Test exams for the Transport Agency

Driving School / Teacher environment

  • Student administration
  • Communication with students
  • Consultation management
  • Course management
  • Service management
  • Feedback management

Admin environment

  • Various registers
  • Elasticsearch search
  • CDM
  • Automatic notifications

Driving lessons mobile app

  • Student administration
  • Drives calendar
  • Drives management
    • Registering for a drive
    • Starting a drive
    • Commendations and mistakes
    • Trajectory recording
    • Ending a drive
      • Evaluation
      • Signing
    • Overview of drives


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