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Avaleht / Advice
Cookie Consent EN

Google Consent Mode v2 and Cookie Consent Module for Magento 2

26. March 2024
When GDPR was implemented in 2018, we created a technical solution for it for Magento e-stores. In addition to the two-year transition period, some merchants may have counted on an additional time buffer for the......

Successful E-business Gardenhouse24: Ten Countries in Three Years

31. January 2024
Becoming an exporter is the dream of every ambitious entrepreneur – it shows that the product and service you offer is world-class and brings money back to your home country. Gardenhouse24 has been exporting for......
erply ladu

Paperless warehouse management system from Erply

22. June 2023
There is no getting around warehouse management when it comes to growing an e-business. As the number of products grows, the management of the whole process becomes more complex. That’s where modern software that takes......

UX advice from Vitaly Friedman

1. June 2023
Vitaly Friedman, a renowned User Experience specialist, spoke at kaubandus.ee UX conference on the 10’th May. He is one of the few speakers to have been invited back to the stage at the conference, and......

B2B Magento/Adobe e-business solutions

28. March 2023
At Lumav, we have been involved over the years in the creation of a wide range of different business to business sales solutions for the Magento platform. Below we give a little more insight into......
Google Trends

Free tools to expand your e-business internationally

21. February 2023
Google Market Finder A tool to assess the potential of export markets. Google Market Finder, by evaluating the content of your e-store, can understand to which sector your store belongs to and show the strength......

Google Analytics 4

9. February 2023
The Internet is full of posts where various players in the marketing and IT world have opened up about problems with GA4 transition. The topic is important, and Lumav team will also give a quick......

Progressive Web App – The Future of E-commerce?

24. January 2023
There has been a lot of talk about Progressive Web App, or PWA, at various conferences and blogs, but when it comes to solutions that have already been implemented, the circle is narrower. Let’s be......

Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) as an e-commerce engine – is it for your business?

4. January 2023
Estonian e-commerce leaders tend to raise an eyebrow in surprise when we have talked about Commerce licenses for more complex Magento projects. In the chat rooms of larger international e-commerce companies, on the other hand,......


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